Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Journal of Freedom In The Age of Change

I know nothing of blogging. It is a word that did not exist as I acquired and became comfortable with my literacy. But I keep a personal journal, daily notes for future personal reference. Of late, I have wanted to write more, and to a broader audience.

Chances are that no one will see my blog. But that isn't really important. The idea that somebody might is enough to discipline my pen. Each word that I post will be broadcast to the world and committed to the ages. So I must think carefully before mashing the "Publish Post" button.

Since I can remember, from my earliest days, nothing on this earth has been more precious to me than my freedom. I would give up my freedom only to retain the love of God.

My Black's Law Dictionary, Revised Fourth Edition, defines Liberty as "Freedom; exemption from extraneous control." Of course, being a Law Dictionary, Blacks goes on for two more pages adding detail and conditions to this simple definition. Political Philosophers throughout the ages have expounded upon the finer points of positive liberty versus the negative variety. More recently, we are learning to balance the value of individual liberty against the attractions of collective liberty.

The freedom I value beyond my life is that which I hold as an individual. The "change" many are courting in this age favors the collective. And there lies my great conflict.

In this new journal I intend to examine the events of the day in light of the ongoing conflict between collective change and individual liberty. My goal will be to champion the cause of the individual. If just one person, perhaps only myself, can be encouraged by these writings in the resolve to Trust Liberty, then my new adventure in blogging will have been profitable.